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How to Find and Catch Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy

2023-02-20 08:56:39

Prior to being able to catch and breed Graphorns, you must first defeat them in combat. You should be able to capture and breed Graphorn if you've made a lot of progress in the game. Read our tutorial below for all the information you require to begin cultivating your own Graphorn. In the game, players can prepare an adequate Hogwarts Legacy Account.

Prerequisites for capturing Graphorn

The majority of the main objectives must be completed before you can capture a Graphorn, unlike many other monsters in the game. The Trials of San Bakar must first be finished, which entails defeating Graphorn by kneeling or attacking in battle.


Nearing the conclusion of the narrative, this is the game's fourth and last trial. Hence, you won't be able to unlock the ability to capture and install Graphorn until you reach this stage. Continue reading to learn where to find the beast if you've finished the task.


Where to find Graphorn

Graphorn can be located in lairs on the map, just like all other animals. Graphorns only have one den, which is situated in the Clagmar Coast region at the bottom of the map, as shown in the image above. You can still get to the lair even if you haven't finished the necessary tasks, but there won't be any Graphorns there. But, since you've already acquired the Floo Flame and may use it to fast travel after obtaining the Graphorn, it's advisable to visit the location beforehand.


You must move cautiously and discreetly toward this spot. It is advised that you employ Disillusionment prior to entering in order to prevent the Graphorns from spotting you.


How to unlock Graphorn

After finishing San Bakar's Trial, the mission to locate and save Graphorn will become available. In particular, the King of the Coast quest, which requires the player to vanquish Graphorn in battle, is a component of this main quest. Be ready with potions and combat spells, as with any battle. Players can ride back to Professor Fig after defeating the Graphorn and destroy any foes standing in their way.


Once this quest is finished, Hogwarts Legacy will grant you access to this unique Graphorn as a mount. The Graphorn Den is located on the Kragmar Coast at the far southernmost point of the map from there. Players will only be able to spawn and capture Graphorn in this lair.


Players may need to travel back in time or jump ahead in order to hatch more than one unicorn because they can only spawn one at a time. The only way to obtain a breeding pair is in this fashion. Players must also locate and eliminate any Graphorn they want to keep, much like with the original Graphorn.


It is possible to sell captured animals at the Brood and Peck House or return them to the Animal Farm. Selling monsters allows players to make a respectable amount of money, while caring for them in the House of Need allows players to harvest components from them. These components can be used to improve machinery. Upgrading equipment will enable players to take on the ultimate quest with the best Hogwarts Legacy gear, especially later in the game.


This article provides a thorough walkthrough of how to locate and capture Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy. In order to access Graphorn, players can purchase enough Hogwarts Legacy Account in the game.