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Township Cash

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Trade tips:
1. Please make sure you provide us correct Invitation code.
2. Please log off the game and clean the background process after you submitted an order.
3. We will email you when the recharge complete, please log in the game directly after received the notification.
4. If you don't receive what you purchased, please change your internet and play the game for 5 mins, then recheck your game.
If it still doesn't show up, please contact our support as soon as possible!

(The Max Amount of Cashes Are 9800
The Max Amount of Gold coin Are 5,000K
The Warehouse Capacity Limited Are 26000 Grids
Gemstones, mining kits do not occupy warehouses, metal, forestry, construction kits need to occupy warehouses)

5000 Cashes
$8.00 USD
9800 Cashes
$15.00 USD
1888 Cashes
$3.00 USD
3000 Cashes
$5.00 USD

Township Cash

Game Info Game Description
GAME:township A unique combination of urban construction and farm experience of the game! Realize your vision and create a perfect livable town! Harvest crops, run processing facilities, and sell commodities to develop your town. Explore mines, acquire resources and collect cultural relics. Open cafes, cinemas and other community buildings to promote people's social life
Update date:December 6, 2018
LANGUAGES:Multiple languages
Official website address:

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Township is a unique blend of city building and farming for your IOS and Android mobile device. Developed by Playrix, this gameplay allows you to build your dream town. The player begins with a starter town, and in order to develop it, players should use different buildings and decorations to create your dream town. Except for this, you should harvest crops, run processing facilities and sell goods, and your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts for you to discover and collect. All this asks you to be a qualified farmer and city-manager.

There are two main currencies in Township, including Coins and T-Cash. Township Coins are the primary currency of Township. They serve as the currency for growing crops, constructing buildings, houses, enclosures, factories, etc. and decorating your town. Township T-cash is the secondary currency mainly used to speed up or expand things and purchase special decorations. You couldn’t build your dream team without these two currencies. So, it is urgent to Buy Cheap Township Cash, is your best choice, we offer competitive price, safe & fast delivery. Township Coins is also for Sale here, do not miss the chance!