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Tips&Tricks for Getting More Coins on Township

2019-07-03 01:21:58

Wanna upgrade your factory and troubled by lack of money? To help you out, below, has listed useful tips and tricks on getting coins in large amount from veteran players.So, be sure to read on.


- Save up. Focus. Every gold coin you don't spend on other expensive stuff like land expansions, community buildings, decorations is a gold coin you don't need to earn extra.
- Since you're not buying expansions, sell the land expansion tools.

- If you haven't already, get your trains to 50% faster speed. It'll get you loads of buildings mats and mining gear. Building mats are useless when you're saving up for a big factory ... not really because they do sell. Mining gear is extra sweet because there's good gold coins to be found in the mine, little deposits, coin stashes and gold from boxes (where that 1.300 town cash will help). 

-  sell the community building tools. I found that the community buildings released at different levels from the factories, so I focused on the factory/building for that level. Not both, if that makes sense. I sold the tools right up until I bought the community building and used the building time to accumulate the tools. The only exception to selling tools, was the barn tools and mine tools. I never sell the barn tools unless they are accumulating unevenly.

- The helicopter booster is awesome. Personally, I like to use the double helicopter order booster in parallel with a helicopter task. By the time you're done with the task you'll have made approx 30k. Or even just use the booster when your barn is full, don't need to wait for a heli task if you don't want to. Don't forget upgrading your factories as well, to give bonus gold on helicopter missions. A little 5% extra everywhere has rather cheap costs in ingots but will help in the long run. And this is also why you want trains at 50% faster speed, to get the ore you need for all your ingots. 

- The zoo can be a nice extra moneymaker too, if you focus on hot products and upgrade your shops to give bonus gold.

- Watch what you spend in the market. Buying market baskets can really chew thru your coin. Trash heli orders that you would fill thru the market...the same with plane crates. Send planes empty or ask for help. The only exception is the trains, obviously you have to fill all the cars to get another train.

- Work the mine, lots of coins there especially in the chambers and the ore only goes to upgrading factories which also brings more coins.

- Watch out for the towns people at the heli pad, some rip you off, they give less coins than the barn. I dump orders that are under 1,000 coins, orders for multiple items, orders that are not complete unless I can make the required items in under half an hour. It's faster to turn them over by dumping the orders than try to make stuff for them.

- When I was focusing on buying factories, I bought boost for the helicopter. I could make 100-200,000 coins per boost depending on my focus.

- Send planes empty if they are time consuming and focus goods to trains and heli pad orders. But, good coins comes from filling crates and the bonuses. Fill the crates in order so a row is finished. I also request help to control which rows of crates need to be done. This is in case I need to send the plane early because I'm running out of time or won't have time to take care of the plane. At least I get some bonus even if it's for one or two rows.

- Also, I wasn't adverse to just cleaning out the barn and sell the lot to make an extra 30,000 coins for the last effort to buy the factory.

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