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Township Guide: Tips & Tricks for Earning More Coins

2019-07-18 01:23:57

Coins earning is a big challenge on Township. I often see playing complaining about their bankcruptcy in the game. If you are in the same boat, below are some practical tricks and tips for earning coins on Township.


1. I don’t remember who passed me this trick but it is wonderful. Upgrade your factories at least to have both extra shelves and keep them full of finished, ready to collect goods. Keep feed ready for your animals, baked goods ready to use, beverages, restaurant food, everything. That way, when you need something for an order, you cal collect it from the factory and start another one going. I pretty much stick to one of each item the factory produces, unless it produces fewer than 6 different items. Then I use any extra shelves for the products that take the longest to make. This keeps the factories working a lot of the time and keeps a lot of items ready to use without taking up valuable barn space. I also keep rows of crops grown and ready to collect when needed (and replant with the same item) and animal products as well. Whenever I harvest or collect, I restart crops or feed animals so there will be more ready next time I need them.

2. This one I think I developed on my own although a lot of other people have also discovered it. Don't waste your valuable time and products on cheap orders. I don't bother with any order under 500 coins and I'm thinking of raising that. You will be dumping a lot of orders that way, but it only takes 20-30 minutes for new orders to appear and meanwhile the goods are still available for you to use to fill more generous orders. Also, if you need coins more than gems, look at how much the plane offers for goods and send it back empty if it isn’t offering much for expensive items. 

3. Spending t-cash to add boxes to your market is a good investment. City Market boxes provide access to extra goods every 6 hours, forever. Those extra goods are very convenient for filling your trains and planes and helping other players. Remember, more Goods means faster growth!
I found about 50 boxes is a good number for me. If barn space is limited, only buy those items that take a lot of time and/or ingredients and/or limited ingredients like island products. I also spent t-cash to change the market refresh time so I can hit every one, including last thing before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up. That lets me keep items that use a lot of materials and/or take a lot of time handy to fill orders.

4.For a boosted crop corn gives the best return for time expenditure. If you are sitting watching TV at night for instance, just harvest crops continually, it takes only a second to harvest and replant every 5min. Make sure you have enough space in the barn to handle a complete harvest in one go so you waste little time...that may mean having 150 to 200 spaces. Trust me it saves a lot of time. 

5.Another suggestion, when you boost your zoo and you earn enough to upgrade your buildings, don’t go for hearts which i think the majority of ppl do. Upgrade for coins and baskets only. It slows down your progress a bit but down the track when you have an expanded market box you make a lot more profit buying from there and selling in the zoo, even without a boost.

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