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The Complete Guide to Star Trek Online

2019-07-18 00:45:58

This guide is the top five must-know tips for Star Trek Online, rather than to answer all questions concerning STO. So, some guide will not show in this short article, for other cheats, you can visit for help.

Massively has already introduced readers to the character creation process and to player traits, so I won't bore you with too much rehashing here. But briefly, a new player first logging into STO must start with a Federation character. Players can unlock the ability to create Klingon characters after gaining a few levels on the Federation side.

For space skills, you will receive a few career-specific level-milstone skills along the way. But your space skill trees are the same no matter which career you choose. Your bridge officers will determine most of your space combat abilities, and your captain skills will enhance them and the ship's overall effectiveness with the gear you acquire. So your space capabilities will be determined mostly by the ship and bridge officers you choose, and only mildly by your captain's career.

Organise your Hud and toolbar. Organising your hud and toolbar for your starship will GREATLY increase your combat effectiveness because you dont have to look for your abilites, they are just close to your ship. Organising your Hud can be done by press esc, or simply pressing F12.

Once you reach lieutenant commander, you must return to Earth Spacedock and talk with Admiral Quinn. You cannot currently receive the free ship upgrade task from the Admiral via subspace communication. Just transwarp back to Earth Spacedock. He will then send you to a requisition officer that is located up the turbolift on the balcony overlooking the shipyard area. This officer can give you layman style details on what each of the ship classes do. There are also databases in the room which let you see the capabilities of each ship type.

The requirement for leveling up is attaining a set amount of skill points instead. You earn skill points primarily via PvE and PvP missions and kills. There's a randomly generated exploration mission system as well, known as the Genesis system. Oh, and there's diplomacy missions sprinkled throughout PvE as well. Remembering to spend these skill points is key, as your skills improve both your ground and space combat performance for you and your bridge officers. Just keep an eye out for the "Skill up!" button that appears on your progress bar when enough skill points are available for you to spend on new skills or skill ranks.

If you feel confused when playing the game, do not forget to refer to our generous guide.