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Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Olaf

2023-02-22 09:08:25

Olaf, the endearing snowman from the Frozen film series, is the protagonist of Dreamlight Valley Frozen. Olaf is bound to a mission and won't appear in a realm with a Frozen theme, unlike the majority of characters in Disney's Lightning Valley who may be recruited by teleporting players to unique realms of their home planet. Players must finish the "Big Blizzard" quest in order to obtain Olaf. To help unlock Olaf, users must purchase enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

Big Blizzard Quest in Dreamlight Valley

The players finally encounter Olaf in the Valley of Dreamlight in the ancient king's private study, which is concealed behind the gate. Forsaken, the player's malevolent split ego, has him in a tight spot. His nose and buttons have been taken by a group of terrifying squirrels composed of a dark purple magic. In Frozen, players will have to pursue and catch squirrels. They can be identified by the purple smoke trail they leave in their wake. However, unlike birds in the Valley of Dreams, players cannot become friends with the frightening squirrels.


Once all of the squirrels have been caught, the player must go back to Olaf in the Valley of Dreams and give him the nose and button. But, he is missing the arms since he believes they are with the nearby Orbs. The player will learn that water has a memory through speaking with him and Merlin. Players can view an ice recreation of the dark portal through which the Forsaken grabbed the orb and Olaf's arm and passed via the secret room by squirting water onto certain locations.


The player can pick up the books strewn about the study area and find a book about fixing the dark gateway after perusing the memories and speaking with Olaf in the Valley of Dreams. The player must construct a Dreamlight Prism in order to pass through the portal. Three Old Broken Prisms discovered during research, five Dreamlight Purifying Night Shards crafted from Dream and Night Shards, thirty Sand for ten Glass, and three Dreamlight Purifying Night Shards are needed for crafting.


Players must locate the stolen gem from the pedestal in the den in order to create the Dreamlight Prism. These gems come from the Ice Highlands, the Forgotten Lands, or the Grove of Trust: Amethyst, Emerald, or Citrine. From the Forest of Valor, the Grove of Trust, or the Sunny Plateau: Emerald. The player will experience a number of scenarios with Olaf in the Valley of Sleeping Lights after gathering all the gems in order to repair the pillars of the Frozen Highlands.


The storm will dissipate once the pillars are repaired, and then the player must speak with Olaf one last time to complete the task. And with that, Olaf becomes a resident of Fantasy Valley, joining the recently released Mirabell. Dream Valley will undoubtedly become a lively environment full of warm hugs with the addition of this content snowman.


Detailed instructions on how to unlock Olaf in Dreamlight Valley are provided above. To help unlock more characters, players can purchase enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.