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How to Get Clay and Find More Quickly in Dreamlight Valley

2023-01-29 08:48:20

Clay, a soft, fine-grained soil required for crafting, friendship quests, dreamlight milestones, and Pixar holiday missions, is one resource that players in Disney's Dreamlight Valley will always need. In Disney Dreams, clay is required to make specific goods and ingredients, as well as to fulfill missions. This tutorial will explain what players must do in order to access the clay-producing biomes and their applications. In the game, players can arrange an adequate number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts.

In which biomes can clay be found?

Players can only obtain clay in three of Disney Fantasy Valley's biomes. Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands are these biomes. The Woodlands of Trust is the first of the three biomes that players will encounter.


The player need only open the biome; they may not be able to do much there, depending on the biome they already have access to. The only other thing players need to do to acquire clay is finish the quest to rebuild the Pillar of Friendship. While harvesting resources, having some food on hand will help you recover some energy.


How to Get Clay in Dreamlight Valley

Start anywhere in one of the three regions—Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, or Forgotten Lands—by beginning to break up the earth in a planned arrangement, much like you would when beginning any lovely Disney Dreams farm. In Dreamlight Valley, having friends with the digging talent will speed up the clay-gathering process by enabling players to gather numerous clay mounds at a single node. Dig away until you have covered a sizable area.


The aforesaid technique only takes the player 5–10 minutes to finish in Dreamlight Valley. The player can significantly enhance clay output and raise the villager's friendship level if there is a villager nearby who has the digging talent. To gain more clay for the same area, players must go back and cover each hole they make because the dug up dirt won't just disappear on its own.


It takes a lot of time and effort to play Disney's Valley of Lights via such a tiresome process, which is also likely to bore the player. Fortunately, YouTuber Kuriie offers an opportunistic but practical solution: place furniture on top of the holes to make them easy and quick to remove.


Players only need to select a large piece of furniture, like a bed or sofa from the Furniture/Build Mode menu and place it on each hole they made while searching for clay in Dreamlight Valley. To remove furniture, return to build mode after saving and quitting. Players should be able to re-dig to obtain more clay in the Disney Dream Valley of Light now that the tilled holes have vanished.


That's all there is to finding clay in Dreamlight Valley. Players can purchase enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game to aid in the discovery of clay.