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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Change House Skins

2023-03-03 08:47:31

Like most farming games, Disney Dreamlight Valley gives you a house that you must maintain as you play. Players of Disney Valley of Dreams can now give their house a variety of unique embellishments both inside and outside. This guide will assist fans in changing their homes' skins, paint jobs, wallpapers, and interior doors in Dreamlight Valley. To assist in changing the house skin in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must have a sufficient number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts prepared.

How to Change the Color of the Houses in Disney's Valley of Dreams

Gamers must improve their homes to the greatest level, which requires purchasing all four expansions from Scrooge McDuck, before obtaining the various paint colors and skins that are now accessible for certain residences. The player can then choose the "replace" option and alter the color of their home's exterior paint and furnishings by entering furniture mode outside of their home and picking it up.


There are presently just five colors available for the family skin, and the palace skin is pricey, costing 3750 moonstones in the premium content store. As a result, it could take some time for players to genuinely alter the appearance of their home to suit their tastes.


Players can only choose their home with the Xbox A or X inputs in Furniture Mode, which puts them in the world editor's shoes (on PlayStation). Players should now see the five color options provided by the Replacement menu mentioned earlier as well as any additional skins they may have purchased from the premium store.


Players may need to exercise caution while changing colors because installing a new house skin can be akin to installing a new house from scratch. In order to fit everything into the available space, the Palace design in particular takes up more room. Despite the limited amount of house skins currently available, updates to Disney's Valley of Dreams' roadmap will definitely extend this eagerly anticipated game element.


How to Move and Replace Interior Doors

In the Disney Dream Valley, players can also modify the inside doors' look and move them to the desired spot on the wall. This choice is simple to use, just as the new wallpaper feature. Gamers only need to choose the door with the cursor after entering the furnishings mode at home. Users can adjust the position by using the snap grid to drag the door along the wall, and they can alter the appearance by choosing "Y" to access the "Replace Door" menu. The addition of this new feature will give the room a more distinctive feel while preventing bump door designs in tastefully decorated spaces.


The detailed instructions for changing the skin of the house in Disney Dreamlight Valley are provided above. In the game, players can prepare an adequate number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts to assist in changing the house's color.