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How to Unlock the Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2

2023-01-17 08:53:55

The Good Boy Protocol is the season's centerpiece and main event for Destiny 2's Seraph race. Guardians will be able to carry out the Good Boy Protocol once they have obtained Revision Zero and completed one of Destiny 2's biggest collectathons yet. opens a door at Seraph Station that will take you across the galaxy, but what's behind it is better than any weapon or new skill. The Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2 can be unlocked by purchasing enough Destiny 2 Silver, which is covered in this guide.

What is the Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, The Good Boy Protocol plays a significant role. To finish Good Boy Protocol, players must grind the game. Just to let you know, Good Boy here will be a lovely robot dog, and you'll have to finally find him while taking out all those drones.


Exo's cute synthetic puppy is the subject of Good Boy Protocol. The time it takes to open the strange door to the orbital station will be well worth it because that's where you'll find him. You don't need to be concerned about the protocol. You are only touching this lovely dog when the Good Boy Protocol is enabled, so nothing harmful can occur.


How to unlock the Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2

The Operation: Seraph Shield mission's closed door can be unlocked by defeating 50 security drones, according to the Good Boy Protocol. A huge, floating yellow sphere is each a drone. When you first finish Operation:Shield, Seraph's you receive the Revision Zero Exotic pulse weapon, which you must use to shoot one in order to destroy it. Additionally, all Infiltrator Gear upgrades for the Exo Frame in HELM must be unlocked.


Finding the Exo dog and petting him when he changes into Seraphim Wing in HELM is a continuation of the Good Boy Protocol. Additionally, you can pet him to win the game Yes, You Can Pet the Dog. And you can love this tiny creature as much as you want. Although it's unknown if he'll be around after Seraph's season, he has been referred to as a "guest," so by the time Lightfall premieres, he'll probably be gone.


Good Boy Protocol does not have a quest symbol in the player's menu like other quests do in Destiny 2, which makes it difficult to monitor progress. The player must be aware of what needs to be done because this is a covert mission. However, there are numerous triumphs that give players insight into their performance. Select Season of the Seraph from the Victory page in the menu after opening it. To show your progress, go to this page, choose the Secret category, and then position the icon over the drone sabotage win.


This detailed guide explains how to activate the Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2. New Destiny 2 top up can be purchased by players to unlock more tasks.