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Destiny 2: How to Get the Heritage Shotgun and God Roll

2023-02-10 08:56:55

In Destiny 2, the Raid on the Deep Stone Crypt features the introduction of the Heritage, a legendary kinetic shotgun. Bungie modified the Deep Stone Crypt weapon for Destiny 2 for Season of Seraph. Players can now build Deep Stone Crypt weapons in The Enclave thanks to an update, and they now feature special origin traits and the newest bonuses. How to obtain the Heritage Shotgun and God Roll in Destiny 2 is explained in this guide. Additionally, in order to obtain the Heritage Shotgun and God Roll, players must purchase enough Destiny 2 Silver in the game.

What is the legend of the Heritage shotgun?

The Heritage is a fairly reliable weapon that may be utilized against mob foes, but its prowess versus bosses is what sets it apart. This weapon has a number of new and improved perks added to its pool, making it much more potent than before and the weapon of choice for upcoming close-range bosses. God Roll Reconstruction and Focused Fury are what you should be on the lookout for.


How to get the scroll of inheritance

Two encounters in the Deepstone Tomb Raid result in legacy drops. Players can take advantage of these opportunities to buy weaponry. Guardians can recover equipment from one of two concealed loot boxes after obtaining a loot copy. Players can now buy armor and weapons using conquest loot in the final prize chest. The Atraks-1 boss encounter in Destiny 2 offers the best possibility for Guardians wishing to farm Legacy drops. The player will encounter this opponent as the raid's first significant foe. Just before the last boss in the third fight, the shotgun also drops.


Legacy: Best PvP Gods

Trait 1: Hip-Fire Grip

Trait 2: Offhand Strike


The main goals of PvP God Roll for Heritage are to increase accuracy, range, and stability. The Guardians will be able to quickly switch to their shotgun and hit their target thanks to this. The Assault Mag substantially improves stability and shot rate while the Hammer-Forged Rifle enhances range. When shooting from the hip, Hip-Fire Grip enhances accuracy, stability, and pinpoint impacts. Last but not least, a new Perk called Offhand Strike will greatly improve the hipfire's range, stability, and accuracy after the kill.


Legacy: Best PvE Scroll

Trait 1: Reconstruction

Trait 2: Recombination


Like the Heritage God Roll in Destiny 2 before it, Guardians want the same Barrel and Magazine. Reconstruction, one of the two Perks, will actively reload the gun in this combo, tripling its capacity. Players are constantly prepared with ammunition thanks to this. Gaining elemental kills also rearranges the damage boost that stacks for the subsequent shot. The damage of the subsequent shot increases by 88% after 10 stacks. By using a grenade or charged melee attack to defeat a bunch of adversaries, the player can then switch to Legacy and eliminate the primary threat right away. Both kinds of content work beautifully with the Kinetic Shotgun. To create their own legacy in Destiny 2, Guardians should take on the Deep Stone Crypt.


Here is all players need to know about obtaining legacy shotguns in Destiny 2. To assist with obtaining all legacy shotguns, players can purchase cheap Destiny 2 top up in-game.