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Tips&Tricks Beginners Should Know When Playing 8 Ball Pool

2019-07-04 01:30:29

8 ball pool is really a great game as it has some awesome features and great gameplay.There are ton of tips that you can follow to become a mastermind in 8 ball pool.

Tip 1: If you’re new, it may take awhile before you get a decent cue. The best cue that you can get in short order (without paying for in real money) is the country cue. It goes for $40 pool cash. The game used to offer lots of cues for pool cash, but they changed it with the addition of the “surprise boxes”. You can earn $40 in pool cash by leveling up, watching a video once a day, and by viewing and clicking on ads. Most of the $1 ads require little to no commitment. The downside is it might take you a few days to get to $40 this way.

Tip 2: As for the spin, try to play with it , only forward (up) and backward (down) spin for start to get a feeling. Maybe start up a practice game (no opponent) and figure out how spinning works. If you don’t know how to right use the spin, there are bunch of spin tutorial there on YouTube.

Tip 3: Once you are ready with a strong cue and a strong aim its time to hit the shot.But wait here’s the secret.Hitting the shot has some mystery in it.You can hit the shot in three ways:

1. Hit it as fast as possible.
2. Hit it as slow as possible.
3. Hit it not too slow not too fast. 
It’s all up to you how fast will you hit suggestion is that hit it neither slow nor fast.Yeah, it makes sense see dude you can't hit the shot too fast and expect it to enter the hole smoothly.Hit a shot smoothly and it will enter smoothly.Smooth shots tend to outperform fast shots.

Tip 4: Become a coin collector.This may sound weird but it's true, wanna be a good 8 ball pool player then become a coins collector. Here’s a trick is what I do for collecting coins:

I did this starting from London - Moscow level
I got to 100 million coins. This is my backup, in case there is any tournament I need to pay for. Yes those are cheaper ... I know ... Above this 100 mil, I play in the city in which I got the entering fee twice.
if I have 5 million coins, I play in Paris (2.5 mil to enter)
if I have 9 million coins, I play in Paris (2.5 mil to enter)
if I have 10 million coins, I play in Bangkok (5 mil to enter)
if I have 15 million coins, I play in Bangkok (5 mil to enter)
if I have 20 million coins, I play in Seoul (10 mil to enter)
if I have 30 million coins, I play in Mumbai (15 mil to enter)
if I have 50 million coins, I play in Berlin (25 mil to enter)

if I get close to zero, I start playing in Shanghai, until I get back to 5 million again, and then start moving “up” to Paris. If you don’t have enough time to play the game and earn coins, Cheap 8 Ball Pool Coins are on sale at, a professional online in-game currency store with fast delivery.

Tip 5: Play at the level you are at! Don’t go all in at Jakarta if your playing at a Tokyo level. Rule of thumb, never wager more than half your coins. This way you won’t have to play your way out of London because you gambled and lost.

I recommend chasing down rings one at a time. This ensures you never over-bet and you buildup gradually against like competition.