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Valheim: How to Craft Fenris Armor

2023-02-06 09:03:11

One of the most intriguing sets of armor in Valheim is Fenris, which defies movement speed conventions while also requiring a difficult-to-find, rare material. This guide will demonstrate how to make Fenris armor in Valheim, regardless of whether players are interested in this unusual piece of armor or want to create their own set. Players can also purchase enough Valheim items in-game to create more of your own sets.

How to craft Fenris armor in Valheim?

Some of the components needed to make this armor set are unique to the new Frost Caves and can only be generated in the Mountain biome. However, this update calls for players to visit mountain biomes they haven't yet visited. The Fenris Hood, Fenris Coat, and Fenris Leggings are the three pieces that make up this armor set. The player can only craft them after acquiring all the necessary materials and at least a level 2 crafting bench.


Each uses Fenris Hair, an uncommon component found only in the biome Frost Caves in the Mountains. There are additional ingredients as well, including wolf pelts, leather scraps, and cultist awards. Here are the complete instructions for each dish:


Hood of Fenris: 20 Fenris Hairs, 2 Wolf Pelts, 1 Cultist Trophy

Fenris Coat: 20 Fenris Hairs, 5 Wolf Pelts, 10 Leather Scraps

Fenris Leggings: 20 Fenris Hairs, 5 Wolf Pelts, 10 Leather Scraps


60 Fenris Hairs, 12 Wolf Pelts, 20 Leather Scraps, and 1 Cultist Trophy are required to make the entire set, but if you want to upgrade each item to its maximum tier, you will need 150 Fenris Hairs, 72 Wolf Pelts, and 68 Leather Scraps. Whatever way you cut it, making that shopping list is laborious. Even if you rapidly locate Fenris Hair, it will take you hours to hunt enough wolves to obtain the necessary pelt.


Fenris wool can be discovered on altars, haphazardly placed rooms, or enemy drop containers in frost caves in mountain biomes. Wolves in the mountains leave behind wolf pelts. Boars in grasslands and bats in ice caves both leave behind fragments of leather. In Frost Caverns, defeated Cultist enemies occasionally drop cultist loot.


What are the advantages of Valheim's Fenris Armor Set?

For players looking for a mid- to late-game build, the Fenris Armor Set's components are intriguing choices. Overall, what makes this armor set even more intriguing is that players will receive a 9% speed bonus, fire resistance, and a +15 unarmed skill bonus when they equip all three. This combined with the new Flesh Rippers from Valheim effectively transforms the player into a Fenring. And like the wolf armor in Valheim, the Fenris coat of this armor increases ice resistance. With this piece of gear, players can explore mountainous areas without suffering frost damage.


The above is the specific guide on how to make Fenris armor in Valheim. Players can buy enough Valheim Resources to help make Fenris armor in