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Valheim: How to Find and Smelt Ferrous Scrap Metal

2023-02-15 09:39:43

Some of the best equipment and weaponry in the game are made of Valheim black metal. Obtaining a black metal bar, however, can be much harder than it might appear at first. While exploring the Valheim's Plains environment, players can find Black Scrap Metal by killing Felines. This tutorial will explain to players where to find and smelt black scrap metal in Valheim because it is now the most sought-after resource there. In the game, players can purchase enough Valheim Items to aid in the melting of black scrap metal.

How to Find Black Metal in Valheim

In Early Access, the only way to get Ferrous Shards is to kill Fulings, a goblin tribe that lives in the Plains biome. There are three runes in Valheim that yield ferrous metal:


Fuling (coins, ferrous scrap, Fuling treasure) (coins, ferrous scrap, Fuling loot)

Berserker Fring (coin, ferrous scrap)

Running Shaman (Coins, Ferrous Scrap, Rune Totem)


If you are not at least wearing iron armor, even the smallest furling is extremely hazardous and can kill you in just a few strikes.


Getting close to their camp will make things considerably riskier. It's preferable to sneak around and eliminate them one at a time.


How to Smelt Ferrous Metals in Valheim

You must first construct a blast furnace in Valheim before you may smelt black metal there. You must first vanquish the Moder in order to create an Artisan table. Simply interact with a Blast Furnace after constructing one to smelt ferrous scrap.


Fuling foes can drop ferrous scrap for you. The only sources of this scrap are Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, Fuling Shamans, and their chests. It cannot in any manner be mined.


The Blast Furnace is by far the most significant Hearth and Home enhancement you can purchase. You'll need some outdated materials in addition to the artisan table, which needs 10 Wood from Trees and 2 Dragon's Tears from Modern to construct a Blast Furnace. You will require 20 Stone, 5 Sturling Cores, 10 Iron, and 20 High Quality Wood in particular. You are able to smelt metal at breakneck speed with this enormous structure. However, this object can only be used to smelt these scraps and fire ores.


Black metal weapons and shields are required for entering more challenging places, and ore is necessary for building up a player's arsenal. To find and process more black scrap metal, players in the game can prepare inexpensive Valheim Resources.