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Where to Find Honey Beasts in Fallout 76

2023-01-12 08:57:14

Fallout 76 has a large number of adversaries that players must be mindful of as they explore the wasteland and gather materials for crafting. These monsters will stand between you and the priceless supplies of food and crafting materials that you will need to survive in Appalachia. The Honey Beast, a huge insect that attacks you with bees from a hive that grows from its back, is the scariest of these. This tutorial will instruct players on where to locate Honey Beasts in Fallout 76 in order to obtain the honey they desire because it is a healthy food. In the game, players can prepare enough Fallout 76 Caps to locate Honey Beasts' material base.

How to Find the Honey Beast in Fallout 76

The game's foes aren't always Honey Beasts; instead, players will run into more super mutants, scorchers, and feral ghouls before they discover them. Some of these monsters can occasionally be discovered if the player knows where to search, but they are difficult to kill, so be sure to have plenty of ammo and a powerful melee weapon. You should also always be on the lookout for bees.


In Fallout 76, Honey Beasts are more elusive than the adored Feral Ghouls and Scorched. Some Scorched can spawn in the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center as well, where they could attack the Honey Beast and dispatch it before the player can. It is advised that survivors deal with the scorched earth monster before going in search of the iconic Honey Beast. In an unmarked cave to the north of Freddy's House of Fear, gamers may also encounter Honey Beasts. The player will come across a lot of Bloatflies and perhaps a few Honey Beasts here.


There are several ways we can find Honey Beasts, and while Honey Beasts spawn in specific locations, there are other alternative ways to find them.


Savage Divide

In the Savage Divide area, there are two places where kinky bears live:


Middle Mountains Cabins is the first location you should head to. This area is one of the best ways to find Honey Beasts, as up to eight can spawn around it.

The Seneca Rock Visitor Center will also contain some Honey Beasts.



Mire is another area that has two locations that contain Honey Beasts:


Treetop locations will sometimes spawn three Honey Beasts in the area.

Freddy's House of Scares has a cave in the northeast that also spawns Honey Beasts.


There are two more event missions that ensure encounters with Honey Beasts in addition to the previously specified sites. The player must go to the Raleigh Clay Bunker in the Slough to begin the Irrational Fear Event quest. After that, they must proceed north until they reach Mr. Handy, who will ask them to assist him in gathering honey. The player must go with Mr. Handy in order to defeat the Honey Beasts that pursue him since he is extremely terrified of bees.


The second is the seasonal Fasnacht Day event, which is not always accessible to players. But when it's active, it's a perfect place to find Honey Beasts since two of the event's tasks require players to engage in combat with them. The Honey Beast is one of two tasks that are offered by the Happy Beekeeper and Happy Candlemaker Protectotrons during the event in Helvetia. They will instruct the player to either kill the Honey Beast or find Beeswax that is also close to the Honey Beast.


I hope the following approach can assist players in finding more Honey Beasts in Fallout 76. It will also be simpler for players to kill opponents and Honey Beasts in event objectives if they have a lot of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps.