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3D Western Fantasy MMORPG World of Kings out now on Android

2019-07-22 00:53:17

World of Kings is somewhat of a World of Warcraft clone in many ways. There are currently 9 classes to choose from in World of Kings, all of which cater to different play styles. You can find the tough warriors and paladins, the nimble Rogues and dextrous archers, and even the wise and powerful mages and wizards. The good part about having so many options is that there is likely something for everyone in this game. This 3D Western Fantasy MMORPG video game is out now on Android.

World of Kings is Loong Entertainment’s latest mobile free-to-play MMO. World of Kings is a single faction, fantasy MMO that started in Asia and has now come West. The backstory seems typical. You’re striving to be the best hero you can be fighting groups of people like the Doom Legion, etc. The story is perhaps the game’s weakest point. It just wasn’t engaging and early on it presents you with so much unvoiced dialogue text. At some point it felt like you were doing more reading than leveling. By level 15-ish or so I got tired of reading and either skimmed the dialogue text or just tapped through it. The English translation is great but not perfect as well.

Combat plays out automatically, as is typical of the genre. A feature we appreciated though was the ability to set a skill priority while autoattacking. MMORPGs generally feature desired rotations when unleashing skills and allowing us to set our own and the character just get on with it was pretty cool.

The most prominent features of this new title are its extensive races and classes. There are 4 races and a whopping 9 classes for you to choose to play as, each of which can be upgraded to one of three “advanced” version later on. On top of that, the graphics are stunning – rivaling that of many games on consoles – and World of Kings is also taking steps away from the pay-to-win model that has plagued the mobile MMORPG genre for so long.

World of Kings features dozens of PvE dungeons to discover that can require anywhere between 5 to 25 players to complete. Each dungeon boss has its own unique fighting style and requires players to work together in order to take down. Once a dungeon is conquered, players are encouraged to try them again at a higher difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more powerful enemies become, but the rewards become that much greater.

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