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Homescapes Tips & Guide: Beneficial Details for Beginners

2019-07-10 00:45:59

Developed by Playrix and released on IOS and Android, the free-to-play video game Homescapes is a Gardenscapes spin-off and shares the same gameplay concept, combining traditional match-3 mechanics with a well-developed storyline. You mission in this gameplay is to help Austin the butler, and bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family's mansion. To do a great help for Austin, you should grasp beneficial details in Homescapes. So, let's take a look.

How Does Homescapes Work?

Homescapes, at a basic level, basically works like Candy Crush Saga. You’ll work your way through hundreds of levels, matching household items to earn yourself stars. You’ll then spend these stars on items that you can use to spruce up protagonist Austin’s house. These include fancy new wallpaper, stairs, and furniture.

How to acquire currencies?

Everyone may want to acquire more and more currencies in the game for which they have to put their best possible efforts. Earning currencies in this game is not as easy as you think so you need to keep lots of things into consideration. There are two main currencies that are named as coins and stars that have their own importance. With the help of earning these currencies, players can easily level up and also able to buy in-game items. By using all these items for the home decoration, they can give it an attractive look.

What are the rules?

You have to match three or more pieces of the same type. On every stage, you have provided with the limited number of moves to complete the goals. In that case, you need to use each and every move carefully so you can save them or able to clear the level with the provided moves.

What are the Power-Ups?

As in Gardenscapes, matching four or more tiles at once during the match-3 levels will create a special power-up you can use on a later turn. This time around, the power-ups are as follows:

Rocket: match four tiles in a row or column to get a Rocket. Using the Rocket will cause it to fire across the screen in both directions, removing all tiles in that row or column.

Bomb: match five tiles in an L shape to get a Bomb. Bombs blow up everything around them in a two-square radius.

Do you get these tips? If you are already a happy homemaker, you can share your own beneficial tips for Homescapes at