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Toram Online Guide: Pick Up Your Starter Weapon

2019-07-10 01:22:51

So you're new to Toram and have no idea what weapon to start off with? The difficulty rating on weapons are confusing? Don't wanna use the combo system?

Then here’s a breakdown the types of playstyle in Toram:

1)Economist/Farmer type: Works by farming items to sell on consignment board. Requires an extreme amount of patience and economic know- how but the pay off is worth it. 

2) Crafter type: Uses items to create gear and/or potions. It is expensive to start with but once accomplished, you will never run out of Spina. If you do need spina at the beginning of the game, don’t worry and Cheap Toram Online Spina is on sale at, a professional online in-game currency store. Some degree of luck and economic know-how (eg: what's popular right now and 2 slot craft chance) is required.

3) Defender: Basically your rpg tank archetype. Deals low damage but has high defensive capacity. Requires know how when managing agro and full ailment resistance. Able to perform role from start.

4) Support: Can buff and heal team. Not viable prior to lv150. Needs a tank. Player must be able to position themselves properly. Requires ailment resistance (especially against stop and slow) and high HP

5) Damage Dealer: Deal magae damage per second. Not viable until tier 4 skills acquired. Using combos that take too long will get you killed. Difficult for melee until all boss patterns are learned, difficulty varies afterwards.

6) Hybrid: Needs extensive knowledge of skills and how they sycnronize before attempting.

Now that you know the roles, let's assign the weapons (main only, with (c) = conditional)

1) Magic device, knuckle (c), bowgun (c), 1h sword (c).

For knuckle, bowgun and sword, this applies only with magic device as sub weapon and skill storm is learned or in later levels, finale is learned.

Personal stat is LUK

2) Any

Personal stat is TEC

3) 1h sword(c), bowgun (c), 2h sword (c), Staff (c), Any (c)

For 1h sword, bowgun and staff, you need a shield equipped and high guard rate and power. For staff in particular, as a caster type weapon that is casting, you may need something like guardian and have to play around with knock back skills, very annoying for melee dps.

In the case of 2h sword, you need to obtain guard from equipment other than shield.

Other than those, you need to maintain the highest agro if you want to tank and stay alive.

4) Staff, Knuckle, Any Sword (c, joke), Any weapon

Staff has access to bonuses on the bless skill from the priest tree as well as can equip a shield and cast protection and aegis all the while providing cover fire from AOEs.
Knuckle has the best support skill in the game but this is accessible only at lv150 and is called chakra.
Sword has warcry, if you spam it you will win support rank 100% of the time (unless someone is spamming chakra)
Other than those, you have aura skills from the support tree which are designed to disappear when hit.
Reason this is not viable early in the game is due to bosses being too weak to make it useful. At later points in the game (like 150+) they become extremely useful.

5) 2h sword, Bow, Katana, halberd, Any except knuckles (c)

All after acquiring their lv150 skills. Katana, Bow and halberd can still do sufficient dps prior to that with Zantei (risky), Snipe (safe) and Strike Stab (you need to inflict ailment).

Staff in particular requires proration for all magic skills which can be helped by taking dagger but would make you extremely squishy.

6) Any

Just learn the skills, see how they play together and create a build from there. Hybrids have potential to do extreme amounts of damage in an absurd amount of time or can do substantial damage whilst supporting or tanking.

Examples include: Bow /ws katana and Staff /ws Knuckle

That’s the end of this guide. May you enjoy it!