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Toram Online: Blacksmith Crafter Beginner Guide

2019-07-17 01:17:46

Hi! I’m making a crafter guide for players who are gonna make a blacksmith heartI took most info from these videos(I’m not a pro crafter, feel free to tell me whats wrong, but i just gathered information in the most helpful blacksmith guide ive found smiley)

I’ll just simplify them in this guide but for more info, make sure to watch those videos.

We’re starting with stats

We can increase our potential(+1) by using stat points and equipments depending on the weapon we are creating: This will show how many stat points are required to get (+1) potential

2H - 10 STR

1H - 20 STR, 20 DEX

BOW - 20 STR, 20 DEX





MD - 20 INT


Potential: Potentials are important to fill stats on your crafted weapon! The higher your potential, the more/higher stats you can add.

Note: It is actually not fixed a number by (+2 pot) but is 10% from the weapons base potential.
I.E Kuro Tsurubami, with 31 base potential, It will have 3 more potential in total of 22 potential for a top level BS.

I.E Katana crafter requires DEX & AGI

I put 240 DEX and 140 AGI

*(+12) POT from DEX

*(+7) POT from AGI


Skills: The info from the links says that you should max all 4 upper anvil (+2 Pot)

Difficulty:The stronger your weapon is, the higher difficulty it requires to be able to craft it. To increase your difficulty you can either.

-Level your proficiency

-Increase DEX + TECH STATS

Each proficiency gives (+1) Difficulty

2 TECH gives (+1) Difficulty

6 DEX gives (+1) Difficulty

This is an example given from disax, one of the people on the links:

My Difficulty is 210, Proficiency is 110, DEX is 240,TECH is 107, 7 on my equipments.

110 Proficiency is 110 Difficulty

240 DEX is 40 Difficulty

107 TECH is 53 Difficulty

Equipment is 7 Difficulty

Total = 210 Difficulty

Success Rate: Increase your success rate by

-High Proficiency

-Tech Stats

-High Difficulty


Equipments: (I’m not really sure about this so I’m just warning you, Don’t blame me if you get things wrong, ask for a real pro crafter about this smiley) To increase your Success Rate + Difficulty, use FULL DEX STATS. The equipments listed in the video are outdated so again, I am not sure.

Well! That’s all for the basics of making a Blacksmith Crafter! I hope this at least helped to understand crafting more simple OwO!

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