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17 July
Toram Online: Blacksmith Crafter Beginner Guide

Hi! I’m making a crafter guide for players who are gonna make a blacksmith I took most info from these videos(I’m not a pro crafter, feel free to tell me whats wrong, but i just gathered information in the mo

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15 July
Best Grinding Locations: XP, Loot and Spina on Toram Online

First. lets define what “Grinding” is. Grinding refers to killing multiple monsters at once for either exp, loot, or spina. This is usually done by mages, although it is possible to be done by other classes,

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11 July
Toram Online Leveling Guide Lvl 21-120 ( Bosses Only)

It’s hard to level up in Toram Online for sure.Nowdays, many players tend to use spina or NC and stuff. So if you are like me who prefer grinding, here I have for you guys a list which will level you up to 120 from

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11 July
Toram Online Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Toram Online is a fun game, I and many more really enjoy it, and I would love to see more people play it and enjoy it as much as I do. I just hope this Toram Online Ultimate Guide could teach you a thing or two. L

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10 July
Toram Online Guide: Pick Up Your Starter Weapon

So you're new to Toram and have no idea what weapon to start off with? The difficulty rating on weapons are confusing? Don't wanna use the combo system? Then here’s a breakdown the types of playstyle

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09 July
Toram Online Guide: How to Farm Toram Online Spina Freely

Toram Online is a free to play 3D mobile MMORPG video game, which is published and developed by Asobimo. The game is popular among worldwide people, for its interesting quests, beautiful locations and cute characters

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01 July
Toram Online Leveling Guide 2019-Area & Monster Guide for Best Toram Online Leveling

Leveling in Toram Online can be a daunting and boring task especially for players who already have reached a high level. That’s why many players use EXP Boost from equipment or tool’s buff to make it faster.

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