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The Best Healing Power on DC Universe Online

2019-07-02 01:22:50

I see many players in the community asking the best healing powers in game DC Universe Online.  There is no “ best” healing power, it really depends on how you like playing. However, to better clarify your choice, based on my own gaming experience, here’s a simple breakdown of healer power in DC Universe Online:

DC Universe Online

The order for me would be 1. Electric 2.Celestial 3. Nature 4. Water 5. Sorcery but when you learn the mechanics to healing and solo healing harder content every healing power can work.  It's about what you do well with and what you like.

Electric is probably the best healing power, a lot of burst heals that really goes well, when having 2 healers, with a celes or nat who has a ton of heals over time. Although electric can be power consuming if you need to spam. -Plus the 8 man group shield supercharge is the best shield in the entire healing power’s group shields so that’s a major bonus if you compare to nature that has only a 4 man shield. -It also has a 35% so it helps you if major damage hits your group.

Celestial is imo the 2nd best healing power but the most fun. It’s a little slow but when you know the mechanics of certain raids and expect incoming damage, its a healing machine of heals over time and burst heals combined -The group shield is probably the worst thing about this power since it leaves you unprotected and its a lot weaker than electric’s group shield. -It can be power hungry because of the combos but its fine with a good troll

Nature has tons of healing over time, -No 8 man shield -The most power hungry power out of all of them, with a good troll you’ll be fine though -Although all of the downsides to it, it can produce a massive amount of healing -The power that works the best with the Orb of Arion artifact

Sorcery is probably the worst healing power although it’s channeling power is the best out of all of them. -Circle doesnt heal for that much , the watcher is useless -8 man group shield is kind of bad ( worst than celes ) -Isnt that much power hungry -Arbiter of destiny (supercharge ) + orb of arion = unlimited power to spam your enhanced priority heal and all your other powers

Water can work long range and close range with the big circles.
has 4 man and 8 man group shield -Isn’t power hungry at all -fun animation -you don’t use supercharge the eye of the gemini artifact is useless for this power and that artifact is a game changer tbh -Can be very effective in the right hands but not at all if someone doesnt know what they’re doing.


When picking a healing power I’d recommend picking what you enjoy most, and what fits your playstyle best. I personally hate playing all other healing powers outside of Celestial. Everyone is different and does things differently so Celestial isn't for everyone just like other healing powers don't do it for me. 

My best suggestion to you would be go on test server and play around with each healing power and see what you think before you switch. And you can unlock themw with Cheap DC Universe Online Cash at Hopefully this can clarify your choice!