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DC Universe Online Guide: How to Make Money Fast and Easy

2019-07-12 01:24:07

Making money in games has always been a grind, especially in DC Universe Online. So, if you are seeking to make a decent amount of money fast and easy, keep below money making tips in mind:


Making money

- Walk-in inner sanctum instance (the terminal part have infinite adds spawn and drop blue gear. Farm it. Salvage it. Profit with simple and complex mat). Sometimes it takes time to drop blue gear.

- Seasonal stuff and other temporary stuff are always more worthy after it ends, because there is no way to get the collection and base items besides during the seasonal period.

- Save stabilizers for when new seasonal stuff or DLCs come out and use them on new capsules and sell all of it right away. First day of a new DLC/Seasonal is the most profitable one.

- Buy Complex and Simple material when they’re cheap and save them for when a new DLC/Seasonal comes out. Sell them on the first day of the DLC/Seasonal, they will be selling quickly, so the cheap ones will go really fast and the expensive ones will be the only ones left eventually.

- Farm and sell the top most expensive collections:
Renee Montoya
Green Kryptonite
Class A
Superboy Plaque Rubbing
Sniper Umbrella
Purple Corn
Sdi-Style Thermoptics
Dna Crosslinkers
Tine from Hade's Pitchfork (used to make crown of hades. I sold for 40m once, so if its like less than 10m, buy and resell later on when there aren't many in the broker)

- Ammenities collections:

Blue Toothbrush (around Stryker’s Island)
Research Data: Metallo (around Steelworks)
Should we really have so many toxic barrels? (around Ace Chemicals)
Aaron Cash’s Wristwatch (around Arkham Island)
The Ventriloquist’s Wood Polish (around Arkham Island)
Auto Repair 101 (around Stryker's Island)

- Always choose “need” on everything so you can have stuff to salvage.

- Collect phoenix matterial collection items on alt and receive the Phoenix Material as a reward and sell it for 150mill at least.
-- Missing 3 items to complete the first Phoenix Material:
--->Flaming Phoenix Feather (none on broker)
--->Centaur Hoof (around 10m)
--->Molted Gorgon Skin (around 10m)

- Farm and sell expensive styles:
Legs: Snake (Shimmering Sunstone Legguards)
The whole snake set is usually expensive

- Crown of Hades:
Buy items from the collection that rewards Crown of Hades, use them on a toon that didn't complete it yet and when you receive the reward via email, sell it. Crown of hades is worth around 10mill and the collections items total cost is around 5 mill.

- Collection items
-- Tine from Hades’s Pitchfork (most expensive)
-- Cerberus’s Leash
-- Narcissus Flower
-- Key of Hades
-- Precious Metal Ingots
-- Cypress Spri
-- Ebony Chip from Hades's Throne
-- Invisibility Helmet Chin Strap
-- Drinking Horn
-- Chariot Wheel
-- Obol Coin
-- Flask of Lethe Water
----- Farm stabilizers, time capsules and seasonal stuff on a toon as possible.

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